Volca CCtrl & MIDI Note Send/Receive Max for Live devices



Recently I performed a live set at an electronic music night in Manchester called Sound Visionaries – a fantastic audiovisual event showcasing an eclectic range of experimental and popular electroacoustic/electronic music from a host of great musicians.

I decided to take a simple setup consisting only of my laptop, APC40, Midi Fighter and Volca Beats; and then thought it would be useful to make a couple of fairly basic Max for Live MIDI Devices to provide me with more creative freedom and control when using the Volca.

The first of these was designed to facilitate the transmission of single MIDI notes from one track to another in Ableton; thus allowing me to alter the pattern of the kick drum as I was performing and have an instance of Cableguys Volume Shaper 4 fulfilling a sidechain-ducking action on the sub track that would respond accurately to the changes I made in real time. Consisting of two devices (one to send the chosen MIDI notes and the other to receive them), up to 15 separate MIDI notes can be sent from one track to another; while multiple instances of both send and receive devices can coexist happily within a Live Set providing no two send devices share the same active transmission channels – unless the intention is to have multiple MIDI triggers from different sources activating the same sidechain-enabled device.

The second device allowed me to assign up to three MIDI CCs to each of eight macro controls before outputting them to the Volca; therefore enabling me to control a variety of parameters from the APC40. I’ve since added further functionality that facilitates full velocity sensitivity for the Volca FM when played from an external MIDI controller.

I’ve tidied both devices up a bit and they are now available to download for free from maxforlive.com, here:

Volca CCtrl

MIDI Note Send/Receive