ScreenPlay: A Topic-Theory-Inspired Interactive System in Organised Sound 25(1)

I have recently published an article in Organised Sound Volume 25 Issue 1, Computation in the Sonic Arts, entitled ScreenPlay: A Topic-Theory-Inspired Interactive System, which can be accessed for free here. The paper is the culmination of a research project that I began in 2013 for my PhD and have continued working on since the completion of my PhD in 2017. The abstract for the paper can be read below:

ScreenPlay is a unique interactive computer music system (ICMS) that draws upon various computational styles from within the field of human–computer interaction (HCI) in music, allowing it to transcend the socially contextual boundaries that separate different approaches to ICMS design and implementation, as well as the overarching spheres of experimental/academic and popular electronic musics. A key aspect of ScreenPlay’s design in achieving this is the novel inclusion of topic theory, which also enables ScreenPlay to bridge a gap spanning both time and genre between Classical/Romantic era music and contemporary electronic music; providing new and creative insights into the subject of topic theory and its potential for reappropriation within the sonic arts.

More information on ScreenPlay in addition to a demo video and free download link can be found elsewhere in my blog.